Monday, August 19, 2013

Toaster Oven

What a world of opportunities my first toaster oven opened up for me! As a bachelor with an enthusiasm for cooking, but limited discovered abilities, that opportunity to stray from the frying pan or pot on the stove was a great thing. That old toaster oven lasted 11 years and was still going strong when it was replaced, both of them being Christmas gifts from my parents.

We had picked this one out because of its much greater size, advanced pushbutton controls and great reviews. As with so many things that are very similar from one model to another, it requires practice and finding a way that works best for us. Having had a first toaster oven I knew which features to look for in our next one and was not afraid to try out demo models in the store before choosing one.

Thanks to the size of this oven I could cook almost anything we would want in it for the two of us. When cooking for a larger group significant side dishes can be prepared in this oven. Besides saving power it has opened up great opportunities for me to cook even more effectively for my wife and slightly larger groups.

Source: Department stores.

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